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You Can Be Happy Right Now

Yes, it is possible!

Young children seem to know exactly how to feel joy. They don't worry that they're not enough- good enough, smart enough, thin enough, tall enough, enough. They just experience their emotions fully and completely. They can find pure happiness in small things like bubbles, dancing, and sprinklers.

The truth is that you can still feel that pure, unadulterated joy. It is completely possible. It all starts with a thought.

Adults tend to let the worries and cares of the world creep into that space where joy lives. We like to censor our feelings in order to fit in. That's not a bad thing, but when we forget how to have that joy and happiness, we lose the best part of life.

Think about how often you tell yourself that you're not enough. How often do you beat up on yourself? How often do you believe that you will be happy in some future state?

Spoiler alert- you won't be any happier there than you are here. You will still be who you are and if you don't like who you are now, chances are you won't like yourself when you get there. Oh, you may like some of yourself, but you'll find something else wrong.

Learning to love all of yourself right now is work worth doing. That doesn't mean that you don't still try to get to the place you want to go, you will just be using a different emotion to get there. Instead of beating yourself up on the way, you can love every part of you, unconditionally. It's a much more pleasant way to get where you're going.

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