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Why Your Desires Matter

Desire: to wish or long for, express a wish to obtain. From the latin phrase de sidere “from the stars” perhaps meaning to wait for what the stars will bring.

But why wait for the stars or anything else to bring something to you? Why leave it all to chance? The desires you have are there for a reason. They were given to you for a purpose. They are not trivial or unimportant.

Let’s go back to the idea of unlimited time. If you could step into a room where there was no time, what would you use it for? Imagine that you could step into this space, spend as much time as you wanted there, and step out at the exact moment you stepped in?

Dream big- don’t hold back. When you have dreamt until you have exhausted everything you want, go back and consider your list and choose those good things that energize you the most. You know what they are. They are the things that if you were left to yourself you would use to build, lift and strengthen yourself and by extension, the people around you. Those are your desires. Those are the things that excite and scare you because they are powerful. They are your very being.

They are gifts.

They matter because they are you at your core. They are who you really are. They have been given to you for a purpose. They matter because they are the essence of you.

Sometimes you set your desires aside for a time for something you see as the greater good. Like the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, you choose to wait so that you can obtain something better. But sometimes you use that as an excuse. You say you are setting your desire aside for the greater good, when in reality you are afraid of allowing your desires to come out into the light of day.

Why is that?

Consider that your deepest desires have been placed in you to allow you to become your best self. It seems foolish to deny them. It seems strange to suppress them, and yet you may do it all the time.

To be clear, I am not talking about desires that will harm you or another person. I am not talking about physical desires for food, drink, drugs, pleasure, or other ways to numb yourself. I am talking about the pure desire that lights a fire in your soul. The thing that if you did it would explode into so much good that you can’t imagine containing it.

Consider this. One of my deepest desires as a child was to have a horse. I have this deep, primal love of horses. I have always loved their smell, their kindness, and the way they have partnered with humans to help us do our work.

When I was 43, I finally had my deepest desires for a horse fulfilled in a beautiful thoroughbred named Tyler. He was everything I dreamed of. He was a great teacher and when we were in sync, there was no better feeling. It is amazing to communicate with another being without words and to understand each other. His show name was Pure Enjoyment because that is what I felt around him.

It was magic.

That desire was placed in me for reasons I am still learning after his passing. I met some of the best people I know through him. I developed friendships that are still blessing my life, and I am blessing theirs. I was able to use my abundance to bless the lives of the people who cared for Tyler. In return, they blessed my life. The gift of allowing myself to obtain a desire that I labeled frivolous and privileged gave me insights I am still unraveling. It gave me the blessing of knowing people I would not have met without Tyler.

It was worth the time, effort, and finances I used to obtain my desire.

Like mine, you desires matter because they are yours. Because they are worthy. Because they will bless your life, and most likely the lives of other people you come in contact with because of them. They are precious because they are your gifts, they are your true self.

My challenge to you is to discover what you truly desire. Look at it from every angle and decide if you want to keep it and use it for good, or if you want to suppress it and live a life that is not in harmony with who you truly are.

Choose wisely.

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