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The True You

I love people. I love hearing stories and learning about what makes people tick. I love to get to know something new about people I already know and learning about people I don’t know. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember.

In second grade there was a boy who everyone called chubby. They made fun of him and his last name. No one would chase him when we were playing girls chase the boys at recess. I noticed he was alone at recess and got my friends to chase him so he wouldn’t feel left out of the game. I just wanted him to feel included.

Then there was a moment in sixth grade when I knew I wasn’t one of the popular kids. My focus changed then. Suddenly being popular was all that mattered. I did my best to ingratiate myself to the popular kids, even going so far as to make up a fake boyfriend named Guy. I wanted more than anything to be accepted. I wandered far from my natural state.

But through all that, I still wanted to include those who felt marginalized. I still wanted things to be equitable. I wanted people to see themselves as they really are, not as the world labels them, and not as they label themselves. I still looked for the kids who felt out of place. I included them, but usually only when the popular kids weren’t looking.

In high school if you had asked me what superpower I wanted, it would have been the ability to show people their worth. I still yearn for the ability to look beyond the surface and find what is hidden under labels and preconceived notions. The true person.

I want to open the door so that people can see not only who they are, but what their role is in this wonderful world. What unique contribution they are equipped to make. I want people to see themselves in their true calling or mission.

I want YOU to see who you are. I want you to own your calling, your mission.

It begins with some questions:

What is it that you love?

What do you love to get lost in?

Where does your mind go when it’s bored?

What would you do with unlimited time?

What energizes you?

When you answer questions like these, you discover what you care about most. What you care about and what you desire are God-given. They were put in you for a purpose. They are keys to discovering your calling and your mission. They aren’t accidental desires.

Once you know the True You you can build your activities around what really matters to you. You can let go of activity for its own sake and focus on the real reason you exist. You can channel your deepest desires into the things that matter most to you.

Unapologetically, unconditionally, and unreservedly.

You can know that what you are doing is the best thing. You can feel satisfaction that you have done the things that are most important to you. At the end of the day you can rest easy with no guilt for the “should haves” that pop up in each of our lives. You can quiet the part of your brain that wants to should on yourself. You can have confidence that you are living a life that is consistent with your ideals.

In the coming weeks I will be offering:

  • Beta testing for my my 6-week Unapologetically Me transformation program

  • Workshops to inspire you in your own journey to living your dreams unapologetically

  • Free resources to help you discover and live your dreams without apology

Sign up for a coaching session today and we will discover what you delight in. There’s no obligation, only learning, understanding, and support.

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