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Guilt-Free Downtime

I listened to a book about a scientist who found a way to manipulate time. He made time travel possible, but the thing that most intrigued me was that he created a space that had no time. A person could go into this space and time would have no meaning there. When they returned to the present, no time had passed. Mind=blown!

Think about that. A space of your own where time has no meaning! What would you do with all that time? After you caught up on your sleep, of course.

What would you have in your space? Get really detailed. Imagine anything at all. What does it look like? Imagine the colors and shapes in your space out of time. Does it have furniture? What kind? Is is a laboratory? An observatory? A medical facility? An art studio? An architects space? Is it a TV or movie sound stage? A music room? Is it a library? A research facility? An athletics facility? A garden? A chef's kitchen? A farm? A mountain to climb? Is it all of the above or something else entirely?

Remember this is your space and your space alone. You have no other obligations. Time is not an issue at all. You have endless amounts of time. You will enter the world at the exact moment you left. What will you do, learn, become, and create? Let your mind run wild with the possibilities. Write them down. Mull them over. Mentally handle each one and choose which are the most delicious to you.

Then choose 1-3 of these things that you love. Keep the others as if you have put them in their own room and closed the door for now. Focus on these few. Why do you love them? What about them intrigues you? How do they align with your value system? Why do you value them?

Then take that list and choose on thing that you want to focus on. Find a way to make a small change toward that one thing. Just a little tweak to get you one percent closer to living according to your highest values.

Then, when all is said and done, let's chat about how you can create those pockets of time that will allow you to do the things you truly value and still have guilt-free downtime.

Let's discover what's possible for you.

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